Honda Fit Review with professional Clipart

The car was used home-work and sometimes go to the countryside. So it was decided to sell it and buy more or less small car for the city. I have always treated cars like my beloved wife. Always knew on my car, how many and where there are scratches, how deep they are, I watched my car like few people watch their cars.  I never understood people who drive a car like pigs (always dirty, that the outside that's inside), but then I will not criticize much such, everyone has his own opinion.

Honda Fit LX 2017 Car Clipart

car illustration

I ordered a car to order and I myself chose at the auction. And just know that the car is not broken and the real mileage of 25 thousand.  (4.5 points). Since before I called a lot of parking lots, on the announcement and after seeing all this junk on wheels was once again clear that all the gobblers selling their cars at parking lots piz When you call and ask for parking lot mileage and if it was beaten up or not and if there were any painted parts, like you can see on clipart illustration, the answer was obvious - everything is real, there was no accident, they just brought it from Japan, etc. But you take the auction list from them and here begins the most interesting thing, the face of the salesman takes a displeased look like a smart guy who came to buy. After you check the authenticity of their auction list, it is 99% of the time fake, twisted from 160,000 to 60,000 or so, and in many cases recovered from the accident. Also, when you check the paintwork with the device and then it turns out that part of the car is repainted and was in an accident.  

So, the findings of those who chase the cheapness and then say that you bought your car for 900,000, while I got it for 650,000 for a repair after a few months of use. I also ordered my car from the South of Japan, where there is no winter and where there is no rusty parts on the road. Because almost 90% of all cars from Hokkaido (northern Japan for those who don't know) are rusty and rotten. Many auctions have rusted out, I mean rusty. Reagents are poured there, more and stronger in reaction than in Russia many times over.  You can talk a lot here, those who want to know more should drop me a line, because I myself went to the sea for many years.  

When I took my car from the port and moved to the city, I was glad he really ate very little gas. 256 km I filled 11.5 liters at a speed of 80-100 km prada. More surprised that the back of the passenger seat seat, I'll tell you, probably twice as much space than in the same x-trail and doors on the light is opened almost 90 degrees just super. Also pleased that the cushions of the rear row of seats rise up and there really can be a barrel just chic for such a not big car. Also on the usual variator, not a hybrid and not a robot. For information, who is chasing a hybrid, after 100 thousand km run, the hybrids start having problems with the robot, and this is a very expensive repair. The replacement of one bearing is 25 thousand + replacement, and there are three of them. The hum starts in the morning, and then gradually with everything that follows. I was surprised when replacing the brake pads on my friend's front wheel, the car just went into emergency mode and refused to go more than 40 km had to find a service center for hybrids and reset these errors, and that time and money.

As I use my car, I did and have done before on all my cars; Noise isolation, primed all the bottom for the future not to rust, coolant replacement to -45, as I did not know exact details abot what temperature it is designed for the fluid that was filled (as a car from the south of Japan, and there is no frost). Replaced the staff as it would not praise Japanese stereo and put a big 10-inch tablet computer, added a little chrome on a circle, Parktronic installed in the rear bumper held an additional cigarette lighter in the trunk for DVR on the rear window, and I have two of them and the front and rear - such a chip I have just, spoiler, raised the front and rear by 20mm that allowed the Japanese (but no more), changed the links and always change them on all their cars that were, as Japanese though new, but they look quite sluggish - I'm not advertising the company "Wear No" (provide a guarantee and really goes 2 years just advise), the rubber put (was 185/60/15 -stay 185/65/15), titans and new rubber, but also many other things. ) After installing a slightly larger size rubber and replacing the new moderately stiff links, it became comfortable and soft to drive